How To Look the Part for Your New Office Job

First impressions always count. But to make it past the first week of work may require great outfit ideas and embellishment of your company’s culture. For both working men and women, your wardrobe choices can have long-term effects on your career. Here are some tips to look the part for your new office job.

Conduct research on the company dress code policy

After an intense job interview, that final “Yes” pumps the anticipation up for the first day at your new job. Typically, considerations for everything you’ll need to make it out in the professional environment begin. But while at it, note that different companies may have different look rules for the professionals in their corporate offices, including hair color.

To some, denim trousers, sneakers, and a sweater with a pop of color don’t hurt. Others may prefer cleavage hidden with the best professional and business casual women attire money can buy. For such a workplace, ignorantly rocking a crop top with a hoodie, casual pants, and flip-flops might be enough for your first day with the human resources department. Knowing what business attire fits your company’s dress code can be a great option.

Look good inside and out

Getting it right with the professional look at your workplace transcends switching between different styles, a variety of colors, and footwear every day. Comfortability and dressing for that extra boost of self-confidence count the most. Choosing a breathable material might afford you the ease you need to flow in your new corporate environment.

This can apply to all things, including your undergarments, jewelry, stilettos, etc. For the ladies, if you need those nails done to keep you confident, then go heavy on all the nail care essentials, including that Sprig nail buffering system. This can work for the gents too. You don’t necessarily need to budge if you can’t go on a typical day without your favorite Chelsea boots or leather sneakers. Unless, of course, the options are mandatory for health and safety.

Mix things up and try not to be stale

Putting on the same fabric or suit can be a great idea for staying true to your office work style. But it gets boring with time. A general rule of thumb might be to find the right balance. Spice your looks in harmony with your company’s culture. You’ll still be zapping your individuality if you mixed up your suits with sweatshirts and a pair of jeans.

A three-quarter-length sleeve or patterned top can be a flexible option for your suit skirt and suit shirt if you’re a woman. You can also rely on fashionable accessories like scarves and chains to be creative and still look the part at your workplace.

Dress to compliment your company culture

Great companies uphold their culture in high esteem. It comprises the belief systems of their staff and their values. The goal of a company’s culture beyond efficiency gains is to differentiate it from others. Many companies rely on their culture to enjoy an advantage over competitors.

Given this, some companies may frown on unacceptable clothes, which may put their outlook in jeopardy. Classic business industries like law firms are likely to favor formal business attire.

Prioritize your health and wellness

Decisions about looking good at work do not only revolve around whether to rock particular stockings or not. Your mental health and immune system matter as much. By all means, you may need to do all it takes to always arrive at satisfied customers. But while at it, do well to adopt healthful eating with essential nutrients for productivity and that wrinkle-free skin you desire. It also pays to maintain a healthy balance between work and leisure. It affects your sanity positively and helps you take work one activity at a time.